SweatZone Operating Hours 9am to 9pm (Daily)

Rules & Regulations – SweatZone @ APU Campus

1. Access to the SweatZone

All staff & students must present their valid Student ID or Staff ID to gain entry and check in to the Sweat Zone. Our marshals reserve the right to dismiss any individuals who do not possess valid identification documents.

2. Sports Attire

You are required to dress in proper sports attire while using the Sweat Zone – no jeans, boots, heels, flip-flops or revealing attire are allowed. Sportswear in comfortable fabrics are highly recommended, while restrictive attires such as denims are not recommended. You also not allowed to use gym equipment in barefoot.

3. Towel

You are required to bring along your own towels for hygiene purposes. Spray bottles are also available around the Sweat Zone. For hygiene reasons, please use a towel to wipe up the bench, mats and equipment after use.

4. Changing Area

Designated changing rooms and shower rooms are available at Block J2 (Behind the Sweat Zone). Please do not use the gym are your personal changing area

5. Locker Rooms

Upon entry, you may collect the key for the Locker Room from our marshals in-charge. A rental fee of RM0.50 will be imposed for the usage of lockers.

Please store your bags and personal belongings in the Locker Room located at Block J2. The University is not responsible for any loss or damages to your personal belongings.

6. Safety

You are responsible for your own safety while training in the Sweat Zone. Do practice necessary precaution while handling heavy training equipment and do seek assistance from the marshals whenever required.

7. Sharing of Equipment

Training equipment in the Sweat Zone is a communal property that is to be shared among all users. Do not ‘reserve’ equipment by placing your tower or water bottle on them, and treat all equipment with care.

Do remember to return all weights and place them in correct order after use.

8. Cleanliness

All users are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the equipment within the Sweat Zone. We appreciate your kind assistance and cooperation in cleaning the equipment after usage with the provided cleaning solution and towel.

9. Respect the Instructors / Marshals

The Sweat Zone instructors are easily recognisable by their uniforms. They are in-charge of the Sweat Zone and are present to provide a safe and comfortable training area while helping you get the most out of your workout. Respect our staff members and listen to their advice.

10. Practice Appropriate Behavior

As our Sweat Zone is open to all APU students and staff, you are required to demonstrate appropriate behaviour throughout your workout. Marshals and instructors reserve the right to dismiss any individuals who are demonstrating inappropriate behaviour within the Sweat Zone.