Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council or SRC brings together a huge number of enthusiastic, committed and talented people who are prepared to work to improve the lives of APU students’ community. It has nine committees, all working on different aspects of student life. These are the active and innovative individuals who would be talented professionals in future – Our pride & joy!

It is a board of students who will dedicate themselves to ensure that you make the best out of your days on campus. APIIT-APU, a leading university in Malaysia produces ALL-ROUNDED CHARACTERS who are knowledgeable, skilled and prepared for a challenge yet a rewarding career!

Council Members

The Student Council consists of 9 board members followed by President. It is governed by Student Affairs Division of APU. Each year, the council goes through an election & identifies its members. These members take in-charge of major events organised on campus throughout the year. “By Students, For Students” the tagline says it all!

Structure of the council is carefully designed according to the demands of industrial players. We believe in development, we strive to prepare students to reach greater heights in their career. From day 1 of the council, we prepare students to take up challenges which they’d be facing in corporate world.

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Four Committee Members



Student Representative Council 2023

How to Join?

Those students who are interested to stand-out among others & become responsible members of the council will have to go through an election each year. In which, they are required to fulfil certain criteria of the discipline to nominate prior to elections, whereby, the following is applicable. Student Affairs Division of APU governs the entire process of election & nomination windows are open for students to register between November & December every year (registrations are done in Webspace).


  1. Minimum Academic Grade Point Average (GPA) is 2.50
  2. The appointment is based on the full commitment of one-year
  3. The term of office is from the 1st of January to 31st of December (1 year)
  4. Third (3rd) year students are NOT allowed to apply
  5. The absence of Duty is NOT allowed to be more than 4 weeks consecutively, unless for unforeseen circumstances and is to be made in a written request to the Manager, Student Affairs
  6. Passionate about extra-curricular activities (Leadership experience is an added value)
  7. Possesses a selfless personality with motivations to serve the students of APU
  8. Operational yet administrative
  9. Needs to have at least ONE (1) Campaign Manager who is assisting in marketing aspects of the campaign
  10. The stipulation of being a nominee of the Student SRC committee includes the following:
  • Pro-active in formulating and participating in new events
  • An active volunteer in both the Student SRC and APU related activities
  • To encourage the entire APU community to participate in all APU events
  • Respect for all colleagues and APU staff both academic and non-academic
  • Adherence to both APU and Student SRC guidelines and regulations


Major Events

Student SRC of APU initiates seven major events per annum, whereby, these events are identified as the biggest events organised in university. In which;

  1. Sports Carnival
  2. Charity Bazaar
  3. Multi-cultural Night
  4. Prom-night
  5. Staff Appreciation Night
  6. Recruitment Drive
  7. Blood Donation

Each event is led by a Project Manager who’s an executive member of the council, & supported by crew members and volunteers (non-executive members). In addition to the above-said events, the council also takes charge of Student Orientations, Recruitment Drives, & Blood Donation Campaigns in University.

Become a Volunteer

Student Representative Council invites the community of APU to be part of their event crew & level-up your experience in major events organised on campus. If you have the passion to learn, ready to take up challenges, & eager to lead a team, here’s the opportunity!

As an active Volunteer, you will be able to;

  • Claim evidence under Co-Curricular Activities module
  • Receive Certificate for events.
  • Receive complimentary food (as deemed by the organiser & scale of the event).
  • Get exposed to work with a dynamic group of people.
  • Learn to organise, & lead events.
  • Sharpen your teamwork and soft-skills & many more!