June 29, 2022

“It’s outrageous to stand among great people with great achievements, whilst prescribing to each and every opportunities in life. This award is a true representation of that prescription. I am very honoured.” 

Danial Hamzah

“Here’s the very first question I had been asked at the interview at Shell;”Tell us what you have done in University other than academically excelling…?”, first thing that came to my mind without a doubt was the acknowledgment I received for participating in extra-curricular activities, that is APU EDGE. Although I’m a First Class Honours graduate, and there were many other candidates with similar, or even better academic qualifications during the interview, I began to realise the importance of APU EDGE as it helped me getting the job!” 

Olivia De

“The APU EDGE transcript affirms my decision on how I developped myself as a student in APU. This is the university’s support for me to continue my work in debates and also in sharing the opportunities that the university has offered me and  my fellow graduates!”

Teh Tian Yan

“This has given me prove of my capabilities and the extra edge which makes me special from everyone else. I am thankful for this grand opportunity and will definitely use this as a leverage to challenge my future and reach for greater goals!” 

Ng Ann Sha